Right and wrong are road

The Romans proverb " all roads lead to Rome ", implication, wherever you are, as long as towards the ideal of unremitting efforts, the dream will come true.

Everyone has a life, life is only once, but the trajectory of life is quite different. Even if it is the same life, traversed the road yesterday and today, the road is not as like as two peas solar cell is the new clean energy.

If you know the road not up and down, you will be in the way we go, steps towards a more stable. You don't have to envy the happiness of others on the road, the road beneath their feet as happiness, as long as you are willing to pay, calm in the face of setbacks. Friends in the warm in winter and cool in summer house comfortable sitting, you be in ventilated roof hut state, that there is no difference between you, every experience is a point in one's life, all points up is your whole life.

In fact, I have long wanted to write an article to describe my growth path, can think back and forth to oneself, write a good? A period of life, and the selected something do represent? I hesitated for a long time before I write an article " to survive, to do a grass ", it is " high school students selected " magazine editor, said my growing experience is very representative, is worth a lot of people learning. Looking back, I read this article, just know, oneself also is a drop in the bucket, but myself, can not represent any person Solar Wafer is the scientists.

If we take the top goal in life, the road of hill as the life of the words, we gathered to the top of the mountain, a look back, not a mountain road is straight. At the foot of the mountain is the starting point, the peak is the destination, the mountain road thorns Road, Cliff Road, dirt, water, stone road; sometimes trot, sometimes difficult; is connected straight line and curve segments. Not only can enjoy success in straight, can also enjoy life honed on the curve when.

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I just love you

Always wanted to write some of the things about you always want to write something about with you,

But because of various reasons failed to achieve ... ... Listen to you say to go really good sad ah, tea tin box suddenly feel myself Nothing can care about things, whether a person or thing... Long love begins with the first met romantic, think carefully about what I want to also very happy... At least, in my life met you, at least you know I love you... We meet in the tea shop, the day I from a door to see you, I pull a friend sitting behind you, you inadvertently looking back, that I suddenly fall for you... In your opinion, I should be quite silly, he rushed over to ask your phone number and photos, maybe this is not reserved before I let you hate it, I remember that night in order to imitate the characters you wrote about 4 a.m., now think about really silly oh you may just take me when a neuropathy, but I was so hard...

And then you hate, you refuse to... In fact, I don't blame you, is my own doing words make you more and more far away from me... Blame only themselves to blame when love think too simple, want to own too... Do not know too much... I remember completely into the deadlock in our relationship that night you told me that you didn't look like t have stature, no money, no power and no potential for what after I ah, I was really not qualified to pursue you I know I am not beautiful, figure is not good no capital to chase you so then I gave up, dvd box wholesale rather desperate but we can see every day every time see you cry will feel sad when I tell people I don't like you I hate you I can't cheat myself I will pay attention to you will go to your space to see you say will stand looking at the playground your window looking forward to you may be there...

I began stacked rose kept folded my feelings for you are compressed in those roses I think of when I folded five thousand flower when will forget you, but I have now fold six thousand roses to your feelings but deeper high after I talked several times but still couldn't make love he will replace your position, from 10 to 12 in two years. Maybe you don't know who I am but I always in the street to a recognized you two this years I've changed a lot. I now than before a lot quieter won't fight will not make me. It will become their own is very beautiful and there are many distance although tin box for food and your requirements but I've been trying I really love you love not love you back to Sichuan, after a long period of time will not meet again but we will meet again I will find you wherever you are where might again meet each other very strange maybe I will find you no longer are the people I know but I will find you just to make yourself do not regret it... Dear, I want to say to you, I love you

At least not regret it now

vendredi 18 janvier 2013 03:58

You are not real happy

Perhaps you have already forgotten, forget the past days. Maybe you've betrayed, betrayed their own past. Perhaps you have never put down, put down the happy story. Maybe you never mentioned, brought the story of happiness with you.

Sometimes, you free youtube downloader will use the desolation of the finger gently ease air rift, are you afraid of the cold finger let you forget that erode the bone pain. You start it, began to take it, you even try to wait, make the final struggle and desire. Standing in the stretch as far as eye can see plain, you want to become a glorious dead, dead on the dry sand. You will not regret, no tears, your blood will solidify into what you want me to be. Is everything under control, dba1a02ek including approaching death gift and premium.

Lit again double happiness, you took a deep breath. In the past, in order to prove that love, you choose to be most willing to fall, until the position he wanted, dare to stop. You with great care, you jittery, you become more and more intense feel in a turmoil. You worry about having a devil ran out, let you go. You worry about become brave, brave to be a person to survive. Thus, for a long time, light. Time is like water, dilute all the stubborn and uneasy. You finally grew, can finally walk away. Maybe the life every time decay are doomed to a parting. You shiver, struggling to make a decision executive gift.

This time, you think a man brave, you want a man picking up everything. You packed your bags, face hanging tears and smile, to allow all doubt your firm to step out of the story. You know everything will be changed, wireless keyboard you imagine yourself to be a caterpillar will become butterfly fly away. Who can stop your wings and posture.

In the dark, you used to have a cup of coffee, in every sleepless night. You use the on-screen mechanical artificial picture numb myself, forcing myself to believe. But you never stand up. Suddenly you feel, in some things, you will never grow, you are always self-willed and proud, though, you've lost protection hotbed, you have not qualified to the head gift and premium fair.

Forcing yourself to change the day is very painful. You work at a smile, to tell someone good. Maybe you just like the stubborn own shadow. You crush the contour under the shadow of the weakness of their own. You found the abuse self pleasure. You are more and more profound experience to patience and cruel distance. Finally you are willing to work your life, you appreciate control and master. You can be a good operation of its own, restricting the decay rate. You are slow and immediate access to their own life, every little bit along the desired trajectory. Finally, when you think you've won the moment. All the camouflage to see past the moment, an instant collapse. Collapse of the dust enclosed you breathe. Would you empty yourself, you want to try to get out of the depression. However, you have to escape. You are in my paintings of the prison, can't find the door, the chain does not exist. You're just a pawn, in addition to accept the arrangement, movie player you can no longer see final qualification.

The red lines on the hand, you have the most beautiful look forward to the future. Only you understand, deceive oneself and others on how important the comfort. You fear from each corner of the fight, you'll always be a moment of camouflage good hard to face injury. You will speak only not afraid, do not worry, do not regret it. You never hurt does not cry. You will never compromise. Only you understand, such a fool. Loneliness and suffering, his lips cigarette lonely, you refused to concede to endure cruelty to yourself executive gift.

If say, this is the one who can whom sad world, so, if you still believe that the Buddha exists? You always think he is lucky, from one of the fight against the disaster and even fatal destroy out of. You appreciate the strutting out of the ashes of their own, you fell in love with a complacent smile behind the soul dripping blood. You gradually began to learn happily, learn to smile to join real components.

The world click into place. Do you believe that compassion, you begin to learn to study, five skandhas are empty. You quietly stopped, let oneself become clean and ethereal. Maybe, to the day of his death, you will feel a kind of steady happiness, you can say one word, have the! It will meet with a smile.

mercredi 09 janvier 2013 03:39

The next dawn

Another day, the early end of the story, did not respond to a curtain call.

That morning the wind woke up all memory of the past, the first ray of sunshine and light up the mottled past, those at the bottom of the dusty memorial. In three years the story so carelessly ending, doctoral programs in business however the story plot, is far from over, in the game didn't seem to wake the dream, that has not arrived the next morning, the story of the people, still sleeping.

The original life, the past does not have in the past, some of the past, always in my mind not to go.

Thought with a high end, we should also have an end, but not so, want to focus on people, not those who want to go to, once again the dream in such circumstances to reproduce. Like listening to the familiar " spring ", is that once we School of music, which was our memories, forget you in music through the pace, I just behind watching, quietly followed, not to disturb. In those days, I have not seen you, I know you in your class study hard, I only know that every time your examination results in greatly improved, and I just looked at the nameless comb quietly sad. One day, I began to study hard, hard struggle, thought it would make myself numb, make myself to forget you.

But, you can avoid the world will always be waiting for you somewhere, as long as you are slightly lax, china business study holding you as the night trap was holding a lost yan. The night wind road will see your shadow, the layer of frozen emotions like a flood is billowy and come, like the wind, no hiding place, no barrier. Life science finally drilled through, or to drill through, then the rain falls, in the leaf, the rhythm of the falling rain finally opened the dust-laden memory. Time in silent, quietly flowing, precipitation of all the world's voice.

Remember that time rare outings, that day blue sky white clouds hung in late spring, dba1a01ek flowers are so beautiful, you in flowers that smile, even back in the air on the happy ripples. Forbear of the sun, I think of you as a pure smile bell shaking, so I started to smile, miss you. Remember the time of your birthday, I put a cake to celebrate your birthday. Used to look at the picture, the picture you blow out the candles that cute face, with cake funny face, his short but precious happiness.

These two years of time is short, fast, college entrance examination will come unexpectedly. This summer is very long, waiting for the achievement of the university entrance exam days, waiting for the voluntary reporting results days, waiting for the day you went away. Finally you go away, go away, I can only in autumn grass when, faced with the sycamore tree that a cold moon, your name is read. Come unexpectedly strange environment for people to be taken by surprise, Chinese management program the busy life you have gradually faded, I think they just forget. However, the night come unexpectedly, a short message, do not know why, but I think it is your message. However, not, that is the understanding of one of my friends told me she changed her number, but I thought it was your message, until she wakes up at his. Originally, that moment, my mind only you, I just don't know it.

The most sad day how? It is as clear as noonday, you clearly see, all happy dribs and drabs already belongs to the most distant memory. I like to see the pictures of the past, but not deep, be afraid to think of those settling in memory of sadness. Fate in the cruel place, is not to make you and someone separation, dashed a fantasy, a section of the feelings of indifference, but that it bring you in contact with someone from a fantasy, burst, dim a period of love, let you remember you had such friend, imagination and emotion.

Not all this because I only think of you, but because of who I am when with you, everything becomes my missing source. Poplar may not wither, the storm may not be cold, just as you go, my view only see evidence of people's distress everywhere.

I dare not to think, I know, one day you will be a princess, but at that time, I was not the along the way scenery, even talk with you have an excuse. I can't imagine, the time of their own, how sad? Time flows, the trail becomes fuzzy, do not know if there will be one day, your memory of me fade away?

jeudi 03 janvier 2013 03:35

Dress the baby must not be too tight

When the children leave the mother to the world, parents will be the life of this small tightly wrapped up, so that the limbs are constrained, activity limitation, the loss of freedom, this is the most after the birth of the encounter. And love to the baby wear thick were mostly grandparents, because they are old, cold heat, so by his own standard to dress the baby. This approach is wrong. Only according to the room temperature, give your baby to wear warm, summer job then covered with thin or small blanket can be.

Want to know if adults dress more, you will feel hot, sweating, uncomfortable, they will reduce the clothes, and the baby is not, they are unable to express their wishes. Therefore, if the baby hands often is hot, especially dry, do not sweat, the mothers have to guard against, baby may wear too many clothes. Neonatal thermoregulation center development is not perfect, insulation and heat dissipation function is poorer, at this time, mothers according to temperature changes and their feelings, there are plans to give the baby to change clothes. If should be reduced without reducing clothes quickly, can reduce the resistance of the baby, cause respiratory infections. Instead, simply put, Yan Wu, easy for the baby's " dehydration ".

In addition, too tight, restrict the infant activity, is not conducive to the sports development. Parcel post finger cannot touch of surrounding objects, dab8f28ek limit infant tactile development. So, baby clothes and adults are the same, so long as the hand warm, warm the feet, do not sweat, the baby is most comfortable.

In addition, mothers can also get up in the morning, look at the weather, and the former one day more, if nothing changes, do not easily give to increase the baby clothes. If the morning dress, to feel the heat and take off, cheap baby clothes it is easy to make the baby cold. Wear many clothes in the morning when the best decision, if the weather is not mutated, do not easily, optionally to the baby to change clothes.

Of course, the advantage is that the parcel neonatal quiet and warm. In fact, this benefit is available baby sleeping bags instead of sleeping bag, but without the disadvantages. If in the winter to give baby wear small flannel clothing or small thin cotton-padded jacket, following bag diaper, and then a small cloth being loose loose infant, then puts the baby in a sleeping bag, baby limbs can be inside activities.

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